Alice is a Saint of himalayan degree and it is therefore blasphemous to depict her in any but the abstractest terms. She is the explorer of the world through the mirror, and it is in her pituitary gland that the Wonderdrome is chiefly located. Many of our fondest friends were spawned from her fever dreams and many of our most terrible enemies attended Saint Eve's academy with her.

As of this writing, Alice herself has never appeared in the Wonderdrome. She may or may not in the future, it's not for us of the past to know. Future readers: do not attempt to communicate this information to us of the past! It would upset the natural order!

It is important to point out the connections between Miss Liddell's name and Lysergic Acid: Al(L)ice(S) Lidd(D)ell, and the anagram 'il, l'elle d'acid' which, in pidgin French, is the introduction 'Boy: the lady of acid.'